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Private sector wage hike agreement signed  19/09/2018  (TAP)- A private sector wage hike agreement was inked Wednesday by Secretary -General of the Tunisian General Labour Union (French: UGTT) Nourredine Taboubi and President of the Tunisian Federation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (French: UTICA) Samir Majoul, in the presence of Premier Youssef Chahed and Minister of Social Affairs Mohamed Trabelsi Activités   Read more 
EBRD has investment projects in Tunisia (Pierre Heilbronn)  19/09/2018  (TAP) - "We have investment projects in Tunisia and we will work with a group of economic operators to iron out the obstacles hindering the development of the Tunisian economy competitiveness," said Vice-President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Pierre Heilbronn Activités   Read more 
Cabinet meeting approves several bills and government decrees  19/09/2018  (TAP) - A cabinet meeting was held Wednesday at the Kasbah Government Palace under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed Activités   Read more 
Strategic council in charge of implementation of national strategies and development plans to meet before end of 2018 (PM)  18/09/2018  (TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Tuesday the next period will see the establishment of a strategic council whose mission will be to implement both national strategies and development plans and whose first meeting will be held before the end of 2018, with a view to monitoring the results of the International Forum on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Activités   Read more 
Government, well prepared for new school year “in spite of challenges facing education system” (Youssef Chahed)  15/09/2018  (TAP) - The government is well prepared for the new school year "in spite of the challenges facing the education system," said Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Saturday Activités   Read more 
Draft 2019 Finance Law will not include new taxes on enterprises or individuals (Youssef Chahed)  14/09/2018  (TAP) -The draft 2019 Finance Law (FL) will not include new taxes on enterprises or for taxpayers, said Friday, Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, pointing out the government's intention to reduce the tax burden on the economic enterprise to help it further invest Activités   Read more 
Youssef Chahed: "government lacked needed political support to make progress on reforms”  14/09/2018  (TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said "the government did not have the political backing to move forward in the reforms raised when it took office". Activités   Read more 
Chahed says government will take measures to lower popular car prices from 30 to 20 thousand dinars  14/09/2018  (TAP) - Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said Friday the government will take measures to lower prices of popular cars from 30 to 20 thousand dinars Activités   Read more 
No statement end of Ennaceur/Chahed co-ordination meeting  13/09/2018  (TAP) - After a meeting of almost an hour on Thursday at the Bardo Palace, both Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Mohamed Ennaceur and Prime Minister Youssef Chahed refused to give a statement to the media on the content of their meeting Activités   Read more 
Chahed calls for perfect coordination between municipal councils and governors  08/09/2018  (TAP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed underlined Saturday in Tunis at the opening of the Conference of Governors the need to perfect co-ordination between the elected municipal councils that illustrate decentralisation and the governors as a deconcentrated power Activités   Read more 
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